Friday, January 25, 2013

Harry Styles Says "No" To Taylor Swift

And now they're never, ever, ever getting back together.

Ladies, what would you do if your guy was constantly poking fun at a part of your body he isn't satisfied with, and he kept nagging you to get cosmetic surgery to satisfy his aesthetic tastes?

What would you do if your boyfriend kept telling you that you're flat as a board, and that he would like at least a C-cup?

Maybe he thinks your nose is too big, and you need a rhinoplasty.

What if he called your labia unsightly, comparable to an Arby's pastrami sandwich, or a chewed-up piece of bubblegum?

What if he kept nagging you to get a labiaplasty because he thinks your labia are unsightly?

Would you cave?

Or would you tell him to fuck off and find a new boyfriend who appreciates you for who you are?

Well, according to recent news, Harry Styles has apparently dumped Taylor Swift because she kept nagging him to get circumcised. (In the UK, where Styles is from, circumcision is rare.)

It pisses me off the sexist double-standards we have in this country, where girls are taught to demand respect for their bodies and that men not view them as just another piece of meat, but boys are taught that they have to sacrifice themselves to appease a girl.

Women are not to be objectified. Women's rights activists decry the notion that beauty can only be found on the cover of a fashion magazine. They fight to send girls the message that they don't have to fit themselves into the mold of a Barbie doll to appease others.

At the same time, more than half of all US born males are taught from birth that their bodies are not their own, and that they must sacrifice it for social conformity.

"I don't want him to be made fun of in the locker room," goes one quip.

"I think it's more attractive, and I don't want any hypothetical girlfriends to be grossed out," goes another.

Self-respect and empowerment for one sex, conformity and subjection for the other.

Why the sexist double-standards?

Good on Harry Styles for standing up for himself.

Guys, if you have normal genitals and a girl keeps nagging you to mutilate yourself for her own enjoyment, tell her you will, just as soon as she goes and gets a labiaplasty.

And while she's at it, tell her to upgrade to a D-cup.

Then maybe you'll think about it.

Or better yet, show her the door.

She ain't worth it.

Find someone who doesn't have a fetish for mutilated penises and who will love you as you are.

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  1. Very good insights Joseph! I think more examples like this should be showed to women in general so they can realize exactly what you said is true: The Double Standard.

    They want to be respected for their bodies and for being themselves, but sadly, many of them unconsciously don't respect the man's natural body, in this case their natural penis and foreskin on this regard.

    Yep! That's the truth. Simple, quite very difficult to understand for so many...

  2. This is absolutely disgusting. Thanks for posting. Nobody has any right to ask another to cut off part of his or her genitals. That's erogenous tissue there (unless you believe Wikipedia)! She's asking him to suffer lifelong decrease in sexual enjoyment because she's got some aesthetic issue? Not only is her music horrible, shallow, and boring, but she's an ignorant and shallow person as well. As you mention, there would be outcry if a man asked a woman to have her genitals cut for some aesthetic purpose.

  3. I can speak from experience...I decided to get circumcised as an adult for the very fact that I didn't want to be rejected by any women. Being a first gen Mexican-American its not customary for us to practice circumcision but the fact that I dated a lot of white women I always had the sense of something ugly n hurtful possibly happening in the future. I had conversations with girls about the subject but always lied about my then uc status and just hearing their opinions scared the hell out of me! I know better now. I wish I never did it. I can personally vouch for the fact that my sexual pleasure and sensation has indeed decreased. I never had a UTI or std in my life uc or circ'd. I wish I'd never done it and if I had known better I wouldn't have. I have had several arguments w my wife on this very topic and how she believes the benefits of infant circumcision even though her son had complications w his and will need to be circumcised as an adult to correct the damage. I WILL NOT CIRCUMCISE MY CHILD!!

    1. Sorry about your situation. It's sad and unbelievable that any man would actually fall into this social pressure from men and especially women about not being rejected just because they wouldn't want to have sex with any natural intact man. I would ask myself: where is that confidence that a man needs to have about having a foreskin that God or Nature designed in the first place for the pleasure of both partners?

      From my POV I've heard many stories about this same situation and find it to be odd and a little bit naive and not thinking properly about not doing some research first before taking a major decision like getting circumcised. And although I don't live in the US and never experienced that pressure you refer to I still would find outrageous that I would actually get cut just because the fear of being rejected by any woman. Certainly there are plenty of other women who are smart, intelligent and find the natural intact state of a man, well, simply natural.

      Sorry for your loss in sensation and pleasure. You still can restore, although it won't be the same, but many men say their sensation has been increased. Sorry for your wife's decision to get her son circumcised and if she didn't learned the lesson and still believes in circumcision, well, what can I say? She's the only one responsable for taking a decision it wasn't hers to make.

      Good thing you won't circumcise your son!

    2. There aren't plenty of them in America, Juan. The vast majority of females in this mutilating country just follow the highly biased advice of the pedocisionists.

    3. llewlem888, thanks for setting the record straight. I've never heard my friends or any woman complain or even mention anything negative about foreskin until I read the above article, and how in Africa some believe that mutilation of the genitals is healthy, which it is not. There are a lot of ignorant people out there, but there is no reason to fix something that isn't broken to begin with, and that is what Circumcision is all about. As far as in the U.S, I don't think that most women even think about circumcision vs foreskin when they are intimate with a man. it's something that is never brought up.

  4. I'm so sorry about your situation too. It's horrible to know that there are women out there that feel this way. I just don't get get them. I've never heard any of my friends who've had a problem with an uc man, but there's always going to be shallow people out there. My first boyfriend was uc, and I didn't even realize it, because that's not what matters to me. I found out when we were watching a documentary about circumcision and how it decreases sensation for the man, and I remember my boyfriend saying, " It's Barbaric", and I totally agree. I saw an episode of " Sex and the City" where Charlotte has a problem with the guy she is dating because he is uc, and pressures him to have the surgery. I think this is so morally wrong and it really upsets me. If I had a male child, I too would not circumcise him, and I would educate him about this, and hope that as an adult he would not be pressured to get this surgery. It really should be against the law for parents to have the right to circumcise their male children. It is so Barbaric!

  5. Mutilating the genitals of any child, male of female, is nothing short of child abuse and should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law covering causing Grevious Bodily Harm (GBH) as it is termed in the UK.
    Just sick and depraved.

  6. Many porn stars do get labiaplasty.