Saturday, February 29, 2020

The State of Affairs for Joseph4gi

Welp... it's been a month, and I'm still in Twitter jail.

Yes, I've still got my Twitter app on my iPhone, and I still check in from time to time to see if I'm still locked out.

No avail.

(The funny thing is, I keep getting messages from Twitter on my e-mail account, so I’m guessing my account survives somehow, somewhere.)

I was thinking to myself, I've still got this blog.

But then, I was also thinking, is it really necessary anymore?

Don't get me wrong, I want to keep it, I want it to go on until something phenomenal happens, like medical organizations finally having the guts to recognize male infant circumcision for the male infant mutilation that it is, but a lot of things have changed since my creation of this blog.

A lot more people have started speaking out.

A lot more organizations have been created.

Some very notable people have started talking openly about male infant circumcision and foreskin.

Very important films have been made regarding this topic.

Is this blog really necessary?

Do I still need to keep raising awareness?

It seems this issue has gone mainstream and now people are undeniably aware.

I'd like to sit back and do other things, now that this issue is out in the open and people are talking about it.

Twitter may have censored, cancelled me, but they can't censor or cancel all the other users talking about this issue, calling doctors and others out.

It used to be that I was on Twitter, Facebook, parenting forums, you name it, and parents would spew unmitigated bullshit.

I felt I had to be that internet warrior jumping in and posting all the links to all the relevant information so that people become aware of all the myths and lies being purported by male infant genital mutilation advocates.

That was like 10 years ago.

Now, it seems, I go to Facebook, Twitter, forums, YouTube comments etc., I see some mother openly brag about how "I'm going to have my son circumcised and no one is going to stop me," and I immediately start checking the comments, and a number of commenters have already got it.

All the talking points I felt needed to be brought up have already been brought up and some mothers and fathers are talking about how they wish they would have had all this information before.

More parents are coming out as "regret parents," and being commended for having seen the light.

I think we've come to the point where this blog is really no longer necessary.

There are organizations like Intact America, Intaction, Bay Area Intactivists and Bloodstained Men working to spread awareness.

Men are beginning to talk about this issue more through organizations like NORM and Men Do Complain.

Men on YouTube are beginning to talk more openly about being intact. (Examples here and here. Click!)

Organizations meant to give information to parents American doctors will not give them are increasing, including Whole Network, Dr. Momma/Peaceful Parenting, Your Whole Baby, and others.

Films have been made like Cut the Film and award-winning American Circumcision.

Influencers with huge followers, such as Joe Rogan are openly denouncing male infant genital mutilation.

Comedians such as Andrew Schulz are openly addressing American idiocy on intact male organs.

I dunno, I think the time has come for me to sit back, take a break and enjoy the ride.

Since I started this blog, I have made it a point to post in this blog at least once, but now, I think, from 2020, I'm going to start cutting back.

It looks like, I don't need to be as aggressive, as angry anymore.

More and more people are waking up, and how.

Still, if I have an epiphany or find information that needs to be shared, I'll post it on here, so this isn't me abandoning this blog, it's me saying, I think I need a break.

My time off of Twitter has actually given me time to start thinking about other things.

So maybe Twitter kicking me out is somehow a blessing in disguise.

I've actually been intending to write out all my thoughts on circumcision in either a book, or one by one on this blog.

How circumcision began in this country, and why it continues seems absolutely clear to me, you see.

But I can't sit down and think about these things if I'm constantly on Twitter, or if I feel constantly under pressure to come up with a blog post every month.

I'd like to take a hiatus and start compiling, editing, and weaving my thoughts into one work. I was thinking a book, but I'm no author.

This isn't a promise; I'm not an editor or a writer, and I understand writing a book is a huge undertaking.

This is just me expressing a desire that may or may not materialize.

Is this the end of Joseph4gi, the angry intactivist?

Time will tell.

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