Thursday, January 23, 2020

Twitter Censoring Joseph4GI

Well, I think it's finally happened.

Twitter has finally managed to kick me out for good.

I'd been locked out of my account before, but I've always managed to appeal to them to give it back.

In the bast, I had been locked out because others who wanted to shut me up reported me for responses they baited me into.

You know the type of people too.

Some pro-circ advocates are in the habit of posting inflammatory tweets about circumcision and intact men, and then reporting/blocking people respond.

It's a strategy.

A tactic they have.

I've seen them tweet about it too.

"Let's see how many foreskin crazies we can lure out."

If that's not instigation, I don't know what is.

At any rate, I had always been able to prove that others were posting instigating thoughts in order to "cancel" intactivist users.

For those still on Twitter, always take screen shots; you never know if you need to prove your innocence.

This one time some chick was posting about how all men should go get circumcised, how intact penises are smelly and ugly.

When I responded with "What would you think if I said all women should get circumcised? Because uncircumcised vaginas are ugly and smelly?", the same person reported me for "gender discrimination" or what not. I was shown my "offending Tweets." When I sent them screen shots and addresses of the instigating Tweets, they apologized, and I agreed to take down the "offending Tweets," and that they would ask the other party to take hers down.

This other time, another chick tried to get others to attack me. I forget the technical term... "aggressive following" or whatever. She retweeted something I posted encouraging others to attack me, which they did. And I didn't mind. I don't care. If people want me to destroy their idiotic excuses for circumcision arguments, I'll do it. I eat circumcision idiots for breakfast. I responded in turn, retweeting the Tweet where she was encouraging others to bombard my Tweets. The woman reports *me* for "aggressive following" or "bullying." I can't remember exactly what it was. I got banned, and again, I was able to show that it was the other person doing what she was accusing me of.

Long story short, I've always been able to appeal and come back. Appeal and come back.

But this time, I don't think I'm coming back from this one.

Actually, I suspect that some pro-circumcision Twitter administrators have had their eye on me for a while, and were looking for a way to kick me out.

I suspect that I was being shadow banned for a while, because it seemed I didn't get as many responses and likes as I used to for some time now.

I know what a sensitive topic circumcision is, and there are always people responding passionately, but recently, I hadn't been getting too many responses; just people already in the choir.

This time, I wasn't even kicked out for anything circumcision-related. I was kicked out of my account for a Tweet on a completely different topic; healthcare and gun control. Twitter said that my tweet was "encouraging violence or suicide." I used the words "In America, if you're sick and can't afford healthcare, you might as well shoot yourself." Completely figuratively, not even aimed at anyone in particular.

I have already tried appealing several times.

The first time, I got a reply, telling me that Twitter had received my appeal, that they'll be reviewing it and addressing me shortly. They did, and they told me "Our support team has determined that a violation did take place, and therefore we will not overturn our decision." Which is strange, because I never challenged that a violation did take place; I appealed telling them that I would remove the offending Tweet as soon as they reinstated my account.

Thinking the response to my appeal may have been automated, I tried appealing again. This time, no reply telling me they'd got my appeal.

I appealed again the next day. And the next. And the next.

What they want is a cell phone number from me; something I haven't been able to furnish since I was first kicked out. I don't have a cell phone number I can give them; I have a company phone, and I don't want to involve my employer in my intactivism.

I always thought it was rather sneaky that anyone, Hotmail, Gmail, Twitter or any social media outlet would want something as personal as a cell-phone number. I probably could just sacrifice my employer's phone number for me, but I also don't want Twitter tracking my every move.

So no.

When I try logging into Twitter, I'm asked for a cell number if I want to proceed further.

I'm not giving them that, so I think this is where my presence on Twitter ends.

Perhaps it's for the best that I move on from Twitter, as it's become a PC wasteland where you can't say anything "offensive."

Opposing circumcision, male infant circumcision in particular is seen by its advocates as "antisemitism," or "parent harassment" or "mommy-shaming."

It's only a matter of time before opposing circumcision will be called "misogyny" and/or "violent assault."

Whatever it takes to silence us.

Well whatever.

I think I've put enough of my thoughts out there on Twitter, enough to plant seeds and for others to take my thoughts, expand on them and spread the message.

For those on you staying behind, I wish you well.

Follow my blog as I try to post monthly.

Read past posts, and do use them as arsenal for any discussions that are allowed to happen.

I do have a feeling we're winning, though.

I've been following along in the latest developments and the usual suspects have fallen silent.

I'm seeing more and more groups on Twitter, Facebook and other social media aimed at educating parents to be.

I'm confident that we are approaching victory, and that sooner or later, all who ever advocated for this sick, disgusting form of child genital mutilation will be ashamed to admit ever having done so.

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