Monday, August 29, 2011

California AB 768 Bill: Afterthought

In my last post, I talk about a law that is now at the full state senate, which, if enacted, would declare male infant circumcision to be "medically beneficial", by law.

I just had an afterthought that I felt warranted its own separate post:

I think it's rather unfair that while the rest of us have to work hard to get legislation passed, from gathering signatures, to getting people to vote at the appointed time, self-serving politicians with an agenda are able to cut to the front of the line and get immediate approval for laws they create.

Intactivists had to work hard to gather 12,265 signatures San Francisco's Department of Elections to even have the chance for their measure to be voted on by the people, but Mike Gatto is able to get a law before the full state senate with the approval of just five people?

The San Francisco circumcision ban would have to first make it to the ballot, and the people would have had to vote in favor of it, in order to pass. And even then, there would be time before the law would go into effect. But Gatto's law, if approved, goes into effect immediately?

The San Francisco Ban doesn't even get a chance at the ballot, but Gatto's law is already at the state senate?

Something seems very, very wrong here.

UPDATE: The State Senate has unanimously approved the bill 37-0. I've posted about it here.