Saturday, October 13, 2012

SILENCING DISSENT: AAP Bans Intact America from Trade Show

I had already addressed the AAP silencing dissent following the release of their latest policy statement on circumcision. Letters of criticism that took their latest statement apart were either withdrawn from their website, if not never even published. We know that there are letters that do not appear on the AAP website because a number of human rights activists published them openly. They can be read here.

And now, as if taking down or withholding letters of dissent, weren't enough, the AAP has decided to prohibit Intact America from having a booth inside their trade show happening in New Orleans, even after four straight years of exhibiting.

In contrast, they will host a workshop titled "Pros & Cons of Doing Circumcisions," which is described as follows: "This session aims to explain what one needs to do in order to set up a program to do neonatal circumcisions and how one can become an expert circumciser."  (Here's a screenshot in case the latter gets taken down.)

My only guess is that the AAP is clearly intimidated by Intact America, because they are able to take apart their latest policy statement and call them out on their ulterior motives. The AAP knows their latest policy statement is horrendously flawed, and they are terrified to let Intact America speak on the matter, because they don't want to be confronted with the truth.

The extent to which the AAP is going to silence intactivism shows just how terrified they are of our message, how weak their position actually is, and how inept they are at defending it.


How You Can Help
The AAP may have kicked Intact America out of their trade show, but they are not going to stop intactivists from protesting outside the convention center that weekend. You can still help Intact America make an impact in New Orleans by donating to them. Your donation will help Intact America stage a major press conference and demonstration, produce and distribute educational materials to thousands of pediatricians, and place Open Letters in the New Orleans Times Picayune.

Help our voice be heard!


  1. What a bunch of losers and cowards those of the AAP!!

    Kicking out the Intact America booth is a clear sign that themselves, the AAP, know how wrong they are on their policy statement.

    They know they have an enormous rat tail anyone can easily trample.

    Even though it's the AAP's (which is a medical civil association I believe) trade show, I assume other organizations or institutions or other are going to be present at the event, right?. Does the AAP have the authority to ban who ever they want??

    It's been 4 years since Intact America has been in that trade show and just like that the AAP can do what ever they want, banning who ever they want??

    I think this has serious legal discrimination consequences...

  2. ¡The AAP is nothing more than a tradeunion of ethicless greedy scumbags!