Tuesday, March 10, 2015

FLORIDA UPDATE: Mother in Circumcision Dispute Fails to Appear in Court - Judge Orders Her Arrest

In an earlier post, I commented on the status of a case where a judge has ordered the forced circumcision of a healthy non-consenting 4-year-old, and where the boy and the mother have gone missing.

The deadline given by the judge has passed (March 10, 2015 at 2PM), the mother and her son have failed to appear, and the judge has signed her arrest warrant.

The Sun Sentinel has reported that two new lawyers are speaking on the mother's behalf.

One of them has said "The child is scared to death of the procedure and doesn't want it."

They were hoping the judge would consider requests for a mental health examination of the child, and to appoint an independent guardian to speak for the boy at future court proceedings, but the judge isn't hearing any of it.

In fact, in previous hearings, the judge has declined to hear anything in the mother's defense, including an amicus curiae filed by organization Attorneys for the Rights of the Child (ARCLaw).

Yes, it appears the judge is set on having that 4-year-old child circumcised or bust.

That a court can actually order a parent to acquiescence to the subjection of her son to needless surgery seems so surreal to me.

In a similar case, a mother in Israel was being fined $140 dollars daily until she agreed to have her son circumcised to appease her ex-husband's wishes. In the end, the fine was dropped, and the mother and child were allowed to go unharmed. Could it be that Israel is more progressive and have better sense than the US in this regard?

This comment was gleaned from an intactivist forum:

"I'm going to use men with guns to hunt you and your mother down. Then they'll throw her in a cage and give her a criminal record and cut the flesh off your penis.

... said no moral human being ever."

Higher authorities need to step in, relieve this judge, possibly have his sanity examined, and give this case a fair hearing.

This is the face of a Muslim child about to get circumcised. In Muslim traditions, children are circumcised at much later ages. If this judge's rulings are enforced, I can only imagine that this is what that poor boy will look like.

Someone PLEASE step in to protect this mother and child.


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  1. I doubt the judge is hell bent on having Chasecircumcised. He is hell bent on punishing harshly anyone who defies his orders. I grew up surrounded by men like that. If they gave an order, and you ignored it, you had to be prepared for violence.

    1. This, exactly. I had a judge like that in a hearing when I was a young adult. His behavior traumatized me so badly that I still can't speak in front of judges, over 12 years later. We need better screening to keep out judges who aren't going to be power hungry dicks.

  2. Kind of like Judge william adams who Brutally beat his daughter on video for Stealing things via the internet

    and If thats theft then this Judge is a Rapist by an equally valid Metaphor.

  3. In a Muslim tradition the child does not get circumcised at a much later age. That is a Bull Shit Lie they get circumcised at Birth!!!!!! Who is the Dumb Ass who wrote that, Please go back and study the tradition for the Muslims and circumcision!!!!!!!!!

    1. I'm sorry, but you must be confusing Judaism with Islam. In Islam, boys are circumcised at varying ages. Sometimes at birth, but most of the time in early childhood or early teens. Feel free to Google circumcision in Turkey, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Germany, the UK (a Muslim circumcisor has just been struck off the medical register for multiple counts of malpractice and circumcision botches), and pretty much the rest of the world. Only Jewish boys are circumcised consistently on the 8th day, unless it's a convert. I'm afraid the one who needs to "go back and study" circumcision in Islam is you, sir. What you are saying is simply, verifiably, not true.

    2. Of course, Joseph, you are correct.

      This is why I've had to reduce my presence in this scene. This topic alone has revealed to me the pervasive ignorance and utter incompetence that envelops this world into which we've had the misfortune of being born.

      I mean, the battle is not just about spreading knowledge to those who don't have it; the battle is mainly—mainly—about contradicting outright, unapologetic stupidity!

      These people love their stupidity; a vast multitude of them love their stupidity more than they love their own lives—they will die to protect and promulgate the act of carving up litte boys' sexual organs.

      For every Joseph, there are 10 thousand Lubees out there, and they exist from the dregs of society all the way up through the highest echelons—all the way up to the imams of industry, the curators of culture, and the popes of policy.

      Life is too short and way too uncomfortable to care.