Wednesday, August 10, 2016

VICE Slams Intact on Facebook - Hides It From the Rest of the World

On a previous post, I talk about American doctors, medical associations and parent advice organizations keeping Americans in the dark regarding anatomically correct genitals; Americans aren't shown what the rest of the world knows.

Now, I've come across the exact opposite phenomenon; it seems American publications are keeping the world in the dark about what they show their American audience.

The publication recently published an article called "Rolling Back America's Cultural Hatred of Foreskin."

But while they posted it on Facebook with the following inflammatory headline, "Every uncut dick I have touched smells like feet," the post can't be seen by anyone outside of the United States.

If you're outside the U.S. you won't be able to see this Facebook post.
(Try visiting the link here.)

If you're not accessing the above link from within the US, you will get something that looks like this:

These screen shots were taken from acquaintances in the UK and Canada.

On the one hand, how sly and sneaky of VICE to be posting gratuitous slams against anatomically correct males, yet hiding it from the rest of the world.

On the other, this means that they know they couldn't get away with such a gratuitous swipe against intact men except in the United States.

The fact of the matter is that men in the rest of the world are for the most part (between 70 and 80%) not circumcised, they live healthy lives with intact bodies, and their male or female partners don't see a problem with it.

 But it must be asked; if intact men smell like feet, what do intact women smell like?

Do men or women who date them think this is a problem?

I just think it's interesting how the natural smells of the vagina are just accepted as part of the package, but people with a fetish for iatrogenically deficient penis raise a stink.

How much longer before Americans are shown the same information as people in the rest of the world?

Is the rest of the world aware of America's obsession with mutilated penis?

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  1. And is the rest of the world aware of American doctors' obsession with tampering with and mutilating the genitals of boys?

  2. Joseph: I do not live in the USA, and I can link to the VICE article.

    Craig Adams: a growing number of non-Americans, esp. those who can read English, are slowly becoming aware that in the USA, the bald penis rules.

    1. RD, the article was always accessible worldwide. It's the link with the inciteful anti-foreskin quote which was only accessible in the US.