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FORCED RETRACTION: American Doctors Perpetuate Harmful Quackery

As if it weren't bad enough that American doctors are reaping profit from elective, non-medical surgery at the expense of the basic human rights of healthy, non-consenting minors, they're also perpetuating misinformation, inadvertently or quite deliberately, that almost guarantees the necessity for corrective genital surgery.

I ask myself, do these doctors know what they're doing? Or are they simply ignorant and merely perpetuating the misinformation they were taught in American medical schools?

Are American doctors innocently spreading lies and destroying children's' genitals?

Or do they do this with malice in their hearts, knowing full well what they do?

That's what I'd like to know.

The following account was taken from Facebook (My own commentary in parenteses):

"I took my nine-month-old baby in yesterday for his well baby check up and the doctor forcibly retracted his foreskin. She had a student with her and they both went on to tell me that I needed to be doing this daily. (???) She also made me do it. He cried and I asked if it hurt him and they said yes but he will get used to it. I told them I was unaware of this procedure and thought this was a natural occurrence. They said it needed to be retracted to prevent the skin from growing over and not allowing him to pee. The student even said he had seen cases like that. (The student was lying. 70% of all men in the world are not circumcised. There is simply no epidemic of foreskins "growing over and not allowing them to pee.")

The rest of the day my son was extremely irritated and uncomfortable. I began to notice that he hadn't had any wet diapers in a while. We put him in a warm bath to hopefully help him pee but it was hard to tell if it worked. That night I put him down in his pajamas with no diaper so I'd know when he peed. I checked on him periodically and nothing. (I had also called an on-call dr at this point and they said he would be fine).

Around 6 am he woke up crying. When I went in to see him he had finally peed, a lot, but there was also lots of blood! I waited until the dr opened at 8 and called in. They said it was a normal reaction and he would be fine. (This is anything but "normal.")

After lots of research I realized this is not okay and that doctor had no right to do that to my son. I'm worried he has been hurt or his skin is damaged. I've reached out to multiple sources and am more at ease now knowing that he will be okay. He is not swollen, no longer bleeding and is frequently urinating. But he has developed a bad diaper rash and still is uncomfortable I can tell.

I also got back in touch with the dr (nurse practitioner) who did this and told her it was not supposed to be done. She said she'd never heard that. I told her all I did was simple research to realize and I'd appreciate some medical research on why it needed to be done. She later called back and said she was shocked to see all the research that said not to retract. But that it still needed to be done to prevent infection and phimosis. (We're wrong, but keep following this advice anyway. WHAT???) But I know now after talking to a reliable source who specializes in this that those risks are usually only caused because of the forced retraction.

Needless to say I need to now find a new pediatrician. I'm hoping to find one that offers a more natural approach to the body and healing and is not intrusive.

Also I will be filing a formal complaint." ~A midwest mom

All I've got to say is that we no longer live in the dark ages. We live in the age of Google, where a quick search will allow you to find peer-reviewed research and statements on forced retraction from respected medical organizations from around the world.

On the matter of forcible premature foreskin retraction (PFFR), medical associations advise not to forcibly retract the foreskin of an infant, as this interferes with normal penile development, and may result in scarring or injury.(1)(2).

Camille et al (2002), in their guidance for parents, state that:
"[t]he foreskin should never be forcibly retracted, as this can cause pain and bleeding and may result in scarring and trouble with natural retraction."(3)
Simpson & Barraclough (1998) state that:
"[n]o attempt should be made to retract a foreskin in a child unless significant separation of the subpreputial adhesions has occurred. Failure to observe this basic rule may result in tearing with subsequent fibrosis and consequent [iatrogenically induced] phimosis. ..."(4)
The American Academy of Pediatrics cautions parents not to retract their son's foreskin, but suggest that once he reaches puberty, he should retract and gently wash with soap and water.(5) The Royal Australasian College of Physician as well as the Canadian Paediatric Society emphasize that the infant foreskin should be left alone and requires no special care.(6)

This knowledge isn't hidden or ambiguous information; these are well-known facts recognized my respected medical organizations around the world.

What is wrong with American doctors?

What are they learning in school?

Why are they being taught to do this?

In any case, something must be done about the spread of this quackery which is resulting in the harm of baby boys across the nation, possibly across the world.

I've seen the following meme on Facebook:

And it's right on the money.

Why shouldn't you confuse a Google search with a Medical Degree?

Because a Google Search may actually be of more value.

America, your medical knowledge on male reproductive organs is a little outdated.


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