Sunday, August 11, 2019

Update 2019

I'd like to apologize for keeping readers waiting.

Recently, I've become very busy, so busy that I have been unable to post.

I tried to commit to writing at least one post a month, but even that is proving to be very difficult.

Believe it or not, your blogger has a life.

He is married, a father of three boys and works virtually around the clock.

After my paying job, I come home to bathe the children and put them to sleep.

It's difficult to find the energy to devote to the extensive, well-thought-out posts I want to write.

No, this is not good-bye; I don't plan on giving up on this blog, or on the intactivist cause any time soon.

Even though I don't have too much time to devote to intactivism, this cause is still at the back of my mind, and I do what I can to further it, though these days, it's very limited.

I just want to say that although I'll try to write once a month, unfortunately, due to the current circumstances, it will not always be possible, so I apologize to my readers for not being as active on this blog as I'd like.

Here are some areas in which I'm rather active though:

Though I'm often the victim of censorship, I'm very active on Twitter, rectifying foreskin falsehoods wherever I can.

It never ceases to amaze me how people openly post their "parenting decisions" on social media for all to see, and yet have the audacity to tell those who comment to "mind their own business."

Yeah, note to intrepid parents out there who openly post about having circumcised their sons; if you don't want people commenting on your poor parenting decisions, posting them on Twitter, Facebook or any other social media is prrrrobably not a good idea.

Just a thought...

ANYWAY, follow me on twitter if you're interested on reading my ramblings @Joseph4GI

I'd like to take a moment to promote

A few years ago, a number of people thought it would be a great idea to start a wiki to upload factual information regarding the penis, circumcision and anatomically correct male human anatomy.

We noticed that there was a particular gatekeeper at Wikipedia skewing every single article concerning the penis in favor of male infant circumcision.

Any edit made to talk about the negatives of circumcision was immediately reverted by a user whose real name is Jake Waskett.

This user did a lot of underhanded things to protect pages related to the penis and circumcision, such as revert any edits he didn't like, block IP addresses to keep others from editing these pages, and erase his own history on Wikipedia to avoid being tracked.

It looked as if there was simply no way edit Wikipedia, so one person started a page at a free wiki site which would act as a repository for all this information which could one day be uploaded to Wikipedia once this Waskett person was stopped.

We started running into trouble, because the wiki was reported as "hateful" and "anti-semitic," so it had to be moved to a more secure server.

Readers wouldn't know this, but two or three companies refused to host the wiki for unknown reasons; we suspect it was all the same; the companies didn't want to host this wiki for fear of being labeled "antisemitic" or what not.

We finally found someone who would host this wiki with no problem.

The end result was a wiki called "IntactWiki."

Problems arose when the one member with any programming knowledge left the group; he was simply too busy with other projects; none of us knew how to take care of a Wiki, let alone work out bugs that made editing difficult, so even though at long last we established a wiki for intactivism, it remained stagnant for most of its life.

That is until now.

I started noticing references to a website called "IntactiWiki" on Facebook. The articles were better-researched and more up-to-date than our own, so I became curious about was behind it.

We finally connected, and after conversing about or wikis, we came to a decision.

There can't be *two* wikis, that would be confusing.

Also IntactWiki had become derelict; nobody was updating or taking care of it.

And so it was decided that IntactWiki would meld into IntactiWiki to become the one Wiki to rule them all; one Wiki to bind them.

And so I'm proud to announce

All pages from IntactWiki now live there and are ready for others to update and make current.

There are also newer articles.

For information that has otherwise been made inaccessible on Wikipedia due to pro-circumcision gatekeepers, intactivists and others interested in learning complete, unadulterated information concerning genital anatomy and forced genital cutting, should visit

Other projects...
As I've said, I'm a busy father, so what I can do for intactivism is rather limited, but in addition to commentary on Twitter, I'll also continue to try and post on this blog. That's about as much as I can do for now.

I can't wait for the day when male infant circumcision is finally recognized for the medical fraud and gross human rights violation that it is.

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