Saturday, July 23, 2011

My Tribute to Van Lewis

First Love
by Van Lewis 
(Original work can be found here.)

You must have been insane,
     you bloody madman,
         to steal my brand new body
              from my stupid mother's bed,
                  and lay me on your cold, hard table,

You must have been insane
     to rope my baby body down,
         and rip my virgin foreskin off,
              to rape my battered butchered glans -
                  me screaming bloody murder
at your sickness-driven hands!

You must have been insane
     to rub my little penis with your bloody Betadine,
         then come at my erection
              with your knife,
                  to try and make me sick as you
for life!

You must have been insane
     to cut my body's best,
         to chop my ridged band sex nerves off
             and throw them in the trash,
                  and leave me here to die but half a man:
To kill my body's deepest love, was that your diabolic plan?

Rape? Rape?! This is not rape!!
     I'd far prefer rape!
         There is no word for what you did to me!
              Inflict on me the ancient curse of the Jew?
                  And what, pray hell, do you think I'd do
to you?

God damn your putrid madness, you dead man!
     God send down your mad vomit straight to hell!
         May devil Satan make a feast upon it,
              and sicken from your bloody, rotten gore,
                  and die in holy hell

Some lovers, we, you mad M.D.,
     bound for all eternity!
         You bloody butcher madman! Penis parasite!
              Still lost upon your lonely way?
                  Pathogenic whore! Some trick!
         Still cutting boy fillet?
              Psychopathic fraud! Still sick?
You're still insane today?

Rest in peace, Van Lewis.

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