Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Faces of Genital Mutilation

If you have to make a face like this man and woman are making in these pictures, then you know very well that you must be doing something wrong to a child.

Kurdish girl being circumcised

Men circumcising a newborn boy

Taking advantage of a smaller, weaker person, is the very definition of "abuse."


  1. If circumcision is not harmfull, as has been posited by those promoting the practice, then why whenever the circumcision is mentioned in converation, all of men instinctivly put their hands over their private parts and wince.

  2. Then you're ok with cutting girls too? All of the same nonsense "benefits" apply to both genders. How about we teach our kids to wash and use condoms. Then no one needs healthy skin cut off. 👍✌