Wednesday, November 11, 2015

TUNISIA: 6yo Loses His Penis to Circumcision

A child of 6 loses his entire penis to circumcision.

In countries outside of the United States, Muslims tend to circumcise their male children at much later ages. (Approx. 98% of Tunisia's population is Muslim)

The surgery was performed in a hospital setting by a licensed professional handling the latest technology.

The child was left for a week in excruciating pain as he suffered necrotic deterioration without any help for what was done.

A functional dildo attached subcutaneously is being considered as a replacement.

The main concerns seem to be that he be able to urinate standing up and that his future partners might "feel something."

Nevermind the child.

And let's forget about the fact that they're trying to repair a botch for a surgery that was never needed in the first place.

Read the article in French here.


  1. This is so heartbreaking, so outrageous, so criminal. David Riemer, the American boy whose penis was "cooked" and fell of back in the 70s, raised as a girl, insisted on becoming a boy, eventually committed suicide in his 30s. Tragic outcomes - for what?

  2. shame mahn ey i regret Circumcision,i think it has really played a negative part in my life,tho trying to see better days..

  3. i feel bad, cant have kids, malpractice has gotten worse these days