Tuesday, September 11, 2012

2012 AAP Tradeshow Demonstration Planned

I am repeating a post The WHOLE Network made on Facebook.

Looks like the American Academy of Pediatrics has noticed The WHOLE Network's "Wash Your Hands Clean of the AAP" campaign! Click this link to their upcoming national conference and watch the scrolling photos. People writing on themselves with permanent marker... look familiar?

Join The WHOLE Network's online campaign on Facebook here.

Watch the video:

View the Facebook photo album here (updated weekly).

Sign Intact America's petition here.

Join thousands of others in commenting on AAP's Facebook page to tell them you do not agree with their new stance on circumcision.

Be a part of the mass intactivist demonstration outside of their national convention in New Orleans next month. Click here for the Facebook event.

Intact America will be there, with signs, handouts, and a press conference on Saturday, October 20. If you haven't already "liked" Intact America on Facebook, PLEASE DO IT NOW. And take action by writing to the AAP and telling them what you think about their new circumcision task force report.

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