Monday, March 19, 2012

Herpes Circumcision Babies: Another One? Geez!

And just when I thought I'd heard enough about mohels giving babies herpes, another report of a poor Jewish baby with herpes arises.

"Across the board, the infection rate for circumcisions is less than one half of one percent... The baby could have gotten herpes from a relative or someone in the Hospital, or many other people... You can't say for sure it was the circumcision."~Philip Sherman, "Mohel to the Stars"

I've written enough.

Will you do something about this, New York?



  1. Should I cut part of a baby's penis and such the blood, I would rightly be jailed as a pervert. How can any reasonable human being choose the umbrella of religion to do such a despicable act?

    1. "Religion makes morally normal people say and do disgusting and wicked things."
      ~Christopher Hitchens