Wednesday, June 29, 2016

FACEBOOK: Another Circumcision Horror Story

I can't write a long detailed rant every time I see a circumcision horror story on my Facebook news feed, so I'm just going to post a screen shot of the most recent one I've seen and make a short comment.
The facts of the matter:
  • Male infant circumcision has risks.
  • In most, if not all male infants, circumcision is elective, non-medical surgery.
  • The risks of male infant circumcision include infection, partial or full ablation of the penis, hemorrhage and even death.
  • Doctors and hospitals have financial incentive to downplay, misattribute, or simply not talk about the adverse incidences of male infant circumcision.
  • Stories like these rarely, if ever, make the news; the only reason we know about incidences like these is because parents slip up and post them on Facebook.
  • Because male infant circumcision is elective, non-medical surgery, any number of adverse incidences above zero is unconscionable.
  • Without medical or clinical indication, reaping profit from performing non-medical surgery on healthy, non-consenting individuals constitutes medical fraud.
  • Taking advantage of a child to push needless cosmetic surgery no him/her that s/he would never choose for him/herself as an adult is clear abuse.

The child in this story appears to have lived; others haven't been so lucky. (See other posts linked to below.)

How is it that any number of deaths or adverse incidences are "acceptable" for a non-medical, elective surgery?

Is the AAP counting?

Because we sure are...

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