Wednesday, November 27, 2019

BREAKING: PEPFAR To Nix Infant Circumcision in Africa

PEPFAR Plans To End Infant Circumcision Campaign In Africa

the U.S Presidents Emergency Plan For AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) is planning to end their support of infant circumcision.

These plans can be read in their draft proposal here:

PEPFAR 2020 Country Operational Plan Guidance for all PEPFAR Countries
Since the Obama years, PEPFAR has spent millions of tax dollars on "mass circumcision campaigns" in Africa under the pretext of "reducing HIV transmission," based on claims made by authors of very controversial studies.

Ignored Warnings
Their 2020 Country Operational Plan Guidance draft says they are ending their support of infant circumcision due to a high rate of "adverse events" and circumcision complications


The fact that PEPFAR was funding male circumcision for *infants* in the first place raises many questions.

First, the famous African circumcision "trials" involved grown, sexually active adults. All of the campaigns happening in Africa were supposed to be aimed towards *adult* males, and was supposed to be "voluntary," hence the oft-repeated acronym "VMMC," which stands for "Voluntary Male Medical Circumcision." WHY were infants who are at ZERO risk for sexually transmitted HIV being circumcised? HOW was this "voluntary" for them?

Second, are they seriously proposing that they hadn't known of "adverse events" before? That they had to circumcise millions of infants to find out? Aren't warnings complete with photographs of adverse outcomes published in guidebooks put out by PEPFAR or UNAIDS? How was this not a live human experiment carried out on unwitting children and their parents in Africa?

Promoting the Usage of a Device Known for Circumcision Mishaps

 The Mogen Circumcision Clamp

I have already written a few posts regarding the Mogen device, and how despicable it is for "researchers" to feign dissimulation as to the adverse outcomes of the usage of this device.

The Mogen device has a terrible track record for circumcision mishaps, including glans amputations. So infamous is the Mogen clamp for circumcision mishaps that numerous million-dollar lawsuits put the company out of business.

 It has been long known that the Mogen
clamp is infamous for glans amputations.

Yet, in their plan, PEPFAR admit to using the Mogen clamp.


Why were they using it?

How was this widely-published, well-known information not known to them?

These are children who will have to go through their entire lives with damaged genitals, no thanks to PEPFAR using a device known to cause errors on a massive scale.

Taxpayers Deserve to Know More
 PEPFAR claims to have done 22.8 million circumcisions, according to one of their posts on Twitter.

This information can also be found on the government website here.

This program is being funded by the taxpayer. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gave 40 million of your tax dollars to this program. She and her husband have been known to be avid supporters of circumcising as many African boys and men as possible. As the people funding this madness, we have the right to know the full extent of the damage and implications this program has caused in the so-called name of "HIV prevention."

Precisely how
many adverse events were there? Exactly what type of adverse outcomes are we talking about here? How old were the children? What devices were used?

Still only a draft proposal

Ending this program would be good on many levels, however these guidelines are only a draft proposal and are, as of now, still open for public comment until December 13. PEPFAR is taking public comments and anyone can add their comment here:

Guidelines for commenting on PEPFAR's website:
PEPFAR says on their website: “Your comments on the guidance are welcome and encouraged, and it is recommended that you are as specific as possible when submitting feedback.”

Meaning: PEPFAR will not read your long philosophical rant. They may not even be interested in public comments at all, and their request for comments is only a formality.

However, they might read a SPECIFIC comment on a SPECIFIC part, with a SPECIFIC suggestion.
If you leave a comment:

  • Say you support PEPFAR’s decision to stop performing infant circumcision
  • Ask for MORE DATA on adverse events (What specifically? With what devices? On what children, etc.?)
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  1. This whole idea is a plot by certain persons, one or more at Johns Hpokins. The so called circumcision investigators deliberately lied about their results, inflated numbers, claimed a 60 percent reduction. Bailey, Gray and the French man were all circumcision zealots for years before they lanedd inside Africa to test their theories.