Saturday, November 30, 2019

Circumcision Status, Lube & Masturbation Twitter Poll Results

Well, No Nut November 2019 is finally over, and so was a last-minute Twitter poll I conducted for the occasion.

For this poll, I asked male respondents for two, basic pieces of information.

One, circumcision status (cut or intact?), and two, whether or not lubrication is a necessity, though in retrospect, I probably should have worded it better. Perhaps "Do you use lube regularly when masturbating? Yes or no?" Would have been better. After all, I want to know what men usually do actually, not whether or not lube is a necessity. (It's possible for lube not to be a necessity, and still use lube quite regularly.)

At any rate, it is what it is, and now I give you the results.

It is noteworthy that, so far this has been the most popular poll I've conducted so far! 175 votes! You can see the results to other polls I've conducted if you scroll all the way down to the bottom of this post.

Notice those percentage points; respondents were more or less 50/50 in circumcision status, with half of the respondents being circumcised and half being intact.

Notice the circumcised group; 3/5ths or so indicated that circumcision was a necessity for the best masturbation experience, while the other 2/5ths indicated that external lubrication was not a necessity.

Again, I probably could have rephrased this question; it could be a lot of the "not needed" guys still actually use lubrication on a regular basis (this is actually what I need to know), they just indicated that it was "not needed."

Now let's look at the intact group; they overwhelmingly indicated that lubrication is *not* necessary for the best masturbation experience. Again, perhaps the question could have been rephrased; it could very well be these men use lubrication on a regular basis.

I'm interested in the actual day-to-day state of affairs; who uses lubrication more during masturbation?

Circumcised men? Or intact men?

That's what I want to know.

And if these numbers are any indication, it looks like circumcised men are more likely to be lube users.

Look at the circumcised and intact "lube is a must" bars: stark difference.

Here is another consideration for this poll:

Not all circumcised men are circumcised equally.

Some men are circumcised more loosely, or more tightly than others.

A loose circumcision may allow a man enough slack skin to use during masturbation, though the foreskin remnants may or may not slide effectively depending on how much mucosal tissue is left, in which case a man with a loose circumcision may still need to use lubrication.

Perhaps the large number of circumcised men who indicated the don't need lubrication during masturbation may have looser circumcisions, and those who indicated they need lubrication were circumcised more tightly.

Then there is that strange 2% of intact men who indicated that lubrication is a must; it could be they either learned to masturbate using lube so they don't know any better, or, it could also be that their mucosal tissue doesn't produce enough natural lubrication; some intact men produce more natural lubrication than others.

Unfortunately Twitter polls are rather limited and there is only so much data that can be asked for.

The original poll can be seen below:

This No Nut November, we learned that circumcised men may use lubrication more than intact men, and that circumcised men may be more likely to develop a "death grip" during masturbation, perhaps owing to the desensitization due to circumcision.

Just for good measure, I've included a screen shot to the "death grip" poll here.

The original poll can also be accessed here:

Finally, I'd like to close by saying that these polls are in no way as definitive as rigorous peer-reviewed study would be. I admit that they are casual, just for fun, and that further study is needed. Hopefully actual researchers will see these polls and use them as a starting point.

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