Saturday, November 30, 2019

PEPFAR: The Plot Thickens

In my last post, I talked about howthe U.S Presidents Emergency Plan For AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) is planning to end their support of infant circumcision.

I also talked about the bewildering fact organizations decided to use the Mogen clamp, despite its notoriety for its glans amputation mishaps.

 Mogen Clamp

A common adverse outcome of Mogen clamp usage

The story doesn't end there, though.

As if it weren't enough that PEPFAR and other American organizations have been engaging in human experimentation on the African population, they plan to continue further.

 Chinese Shang Ring device

According to their guidelines, PEPFAR is planning to use the Chinese-manufactured ShangRing device, another circumcision clamp that is already known to be unsafe, for future circumcisions, and they intend to test it on African populations to find the rate of adverse outcomes.

I'm not exactly sure where to begin to describe how much this reeks of human experimentation, ethical violations and human rights abuses.

I don't have the strength to write anymore on this blog post.

It should already be an outrage that PEPFAR and other organizations went through and circumcised millions of African children, even though circumcisions were supposed to be voluntary (there is nothing "voluntary" in forcibly circumcising healthy, non-consenting children), even though it was already thoroughly known that the Mogen clamps were known for its glans amputations.

It is absolutely despicable that they plan on further using African populations to test yet another device known to cause problems.

Precisely what is this about?

A genuine interest in public health?

Or testing devices on unwitting African populations?

When does the human experimentation stop?

Brendon Marrotta, creator of the award-winning documentary American Circumcision has written a much more detailed blog post, and he gives his own insights on this matter. I encourage readers to go read it.

The link to Brendon's blog can be accessed here.

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