Sunday, November 8, 2020

Straight From Facebook: Inside the Circumcision Room


The 2020 elections were rather stressful and I'm so glad they're finally over. That said, I don't really feel like going into an elaborate post, as that takes a lot of time and thought, so I thought I'd merely copy/paste a post I saw on Facebook, which is perfect the way it is anyway, complete with demonstrative photo. I'll keep my own thoughts to a minimum.

This was posted on a profile called "Brother K."


INSIDE THE CIRCUMCISION ROOM of a large pediatric office. The circumcision board (#1) is leaning against a defibrillator (green case #2) to restart the baby's heart when it stops during the circumcision, and a suctioning canister (white container with tubes #3) to suction out the vomit when the baby pukes during the circumcision. The mom described a large table in the center of the room with a low overhanging light to illuminate the circumcision board during the penis surgery.

The mom told me, "I went to my baby's two month app and they put me in the circumcision room. The moment I walked in and saw the board I said oh my God you do circumcisions in here that’s terrible. She just looked at me and said yeah we do them.

"They even have a crash cart. I could see the defibrillator. And that is what the [circumcision] board is leaning against. They had this huge bed in the middle with the light above it. The light was low. You could tell it was focused for the penis area. It was so disturbing.

"On the shelves they had a bunch of equipment and labeling. Like Vaseline, and gauze things like that. I felt so sick just being in there. I couldn’t even pay attention to the nurse's questions. I could just feel the presence of all of the bad shit.

"The nurse was waiting behind me when I took the photo. Then they took me to a smaller room. A standard size exam room. I started crying when I told the doctor I never wanted to be in that room again. The doctor didn’t even know the board is called a Circumstraint. He said he called it a papoose [board]. I told him I know that it is called a Circumstraint.

"These people act like I’m crazy for being against this abuse."
NOTE: Thanks to three American nurses who have confirmed the names and purposes of the devices in this photo.


Oh for the day when these superfluous rooms are eliminated from hospitals.

We need to stop euphemising the forced severing of the foreskins from babies as "male infant circumcision" and start calling it what it is; infant male genital mutilation.

Unless there is genuine medical indication to circumcise a healthy, non-consenting minor, and let's just be honest with ourselves, there never is, doing this to a child is purely cosmetic, plain and simple.

In addition to violating a healthy, non-consenting person's basic human rights, it's also a needless risk; the risks of male infant circumcision include infection, partial or full ablation of the penis, hemorrhage and even death.

Because this is cosmetic, non-medical procedure, any risk above zero is unconscionable.

Without medical or clinical indication, doctors have no business performing surgery on healthy, non-consenting minors, let alone be eliciting any kind of "choice" from parents.

That this woman was made to wait in this torture chamber out of a horror movie, no, that these rooms exist at all, is despicable.

These rooms need to be eliminated from hospitals yesterday.

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