Friday, March 18, 2011

Circumcision Just After a NICU

It's bad enough that healthy babies are being circumcised. What I can't wrap my head around is how could they do this to babies that are in a delicate condition?

I've read blogs where women practically brag about having their children circumcised just after getting out of the NICU, as if this is something of a prize for a child after struggling for life. I mean really? I just don't get how anybody can do that. What goes through their heads? Am I to believe that they were actually concerened for their child's well-being? Just what are they thinking? "Oh my poor child, he's suffering and he could die... I can't wait to make the situation worse by circumcising him..." I mean really. WHAT ARE these people thinking...

On these same blogs, other people chime in with the same concern that I have. We are concerned for the child, because the child is in a delicate state as it is. And how do people respond?

"You should be more compassionate of this poor, poor mother/father. How can you be so cruel and accusing?"

As if something is wrong with US, we who feel for the child, and nothing wrong with them, for not wanting to wait to cause a purposeful wound. The poor child is going to be put in unnecessary danger, the child might DIE, but somehow, something is wrong with US, those who are against circumcising the poor child. Nothing is wrong with those who simply can't wait for the child to get out so that they can cut off part of his penis.

Has the world gone MAD???

"Oh poor parents... oh woe is them..." But poor child? I mean REALLY??? It's the CHILD who is going to undergo the needless mutilating procedure that puts him at risk, but somehow, we have to be careful not to bruise the mothers' feelings... oh no...

Well I don't care.

"My child is suffering, I can't wait to get him out of the NICU so that we can circumcise him" has got to be the sickest, most disgusting train of thought that I have ever heard of.

I can't believe the nerve of some of these parents. Do they really want a child? Or do they want just an accessory?

But what I can't believe the most is the nerve of the so-called "doctors" that would actually go through and do this. Parents, I can sort of forgive, because really, most simply don't know any better. But doctors. They're the ones who supposedly went to med school for 10 years or so. They're the ones with the professional license, and who are supposed to know better. That's why they get paid the big bucks. To actually stoke a parent's sense of entitlement to perform needless surgery that puts a child at needless risk??? And actually go through with the procedure? And then something happens and "oops, it's not our fault, the PARENTS made me do it..." Shouldn't the doctor be trying to convince the parents OTHERWISE???

This reminds me of a case that happened last year... A mother posted her entire son's life story for the world to see... her son was in the NICU because of a congenital heart problem, and she was posting about how she couldn't wait to have her son out of the NICU to have him circumcised... to be clear, the doctors were also not helping, saying that "the time to circumcise is now." It was all written down in her blog... we told her... intactivists told her... "don't do it..." Shortly, she begins to write for prayers because her son is in critical condition... a brouhaha ensues, because rumors surge, saying that intactivists were going to storm her child's funeral Westboro style... (In all the history of intactivism that has NEVER happened...) Turns out her son bled for 7 hours before doctors finally discovered the child needed a suture... But she assures to everyone that the doctors told her her son's death had absolutely nothing to do with the circumcision. (I mean, this after her detailed blog.) She takes down the blog, copyrights it, and even has her son's body cremated. Yet another circumcision death is quietly swept underneath the carpet... AND ALL FOR WHAT. UGH.

Bottom Line
But I'm through ranting about this crap. Here's the bottom line: Unless there is medical or clinical indication, doctors have absolutely no business performing surgery on a healthy, non-consenting newborn, much less pandering to a parent's sense of entitlement. Reaping profit from non-medical surgery on healthy, non-consenting individuals is nothing less than medical fraud. Because children in NICUs aren't healthy, this is a totally new level. Infant circumcision is a violation of basic human rights, a crime against humanity, and doctors are complices. The day is coming when they will have to face consequences for what they do.

When doctors and parents start getting sued for infant genital mutilation, there should be an extra penalty for boys in NICUs.

Alright, I'm done.

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  1. Yes Joseph, the world has gone mad. What else can account for people feeling, thinking, believing that cutting up the normal, healthy, functional sexual organs of a child is okay?
    The superstitious cultural brainwashing of American is deeply entrenched. When we as a society can look at other countries and decry the practice of female genital cutting and call the parents barbaric monsters and in the next sentence say that male genital cutting is not the same and in fact is acceptable and beneficial, we have lost our collective mind. We have lost our most basic human compassion, our ability to reason and think in a logical manner. We have lost the primal instinct to protect our children from harm and instead offer them willingly to be mutilated.
    I wonder what it will take to wake us up from this trance? To make us accept responsibility for all the harm that we have caused? What will it take for us to heal and move back into the state of peaceful existence that human should embrace? What will it take for parents to step to the plate and say loudly and with vigor, "CIRCUMCISION ENDS WITH ME!"