Friday, March 18, 2011

My First Post

I am by no means a blogger; this is my very first attempt. I've ranted and raved about circumcision long enough, that I thought it was time to start posting my thoughts on a blog. I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing, I'm just going to learn as I go along.

From The Get-go
I don't pretend to have any kind of "neutral point of view" when it comes the subject of circumcision. I'm going to come straight out and say that I am dead against the forced circumcision of healthy, non-consenting minors. I make no exception for "religion" or "culture." The only time that a child should undergo surgery is when there is actual medical or clinical indication, and all other methods of treatment have failed. But then again, isn't this how it's supposed to be for all manner of surgery?

On "Opinion"
There may be some that would like to retort to saying "oh well, this is just your opinion and you're entitled to it." Well, I'm sure that little boys shouldn't be circumcised is "my opinion," but saying that "little girls shouldn't be circumcised" is also "opinion." For whatever reason, there seems to be no problem with people organizing and taking that "opinion" as far as villages in Africa. If your mind's "made up," then there is no reason for you to be perusing my blog. If circumcision is such a "non-issue" to you, and you have just so many better things to do, then perhaps you should go and do them. I'm tired of reading pages and pages about how circumcision is this "non-issue." Apprehension always, always betrays apathy.

Mission Statement
Genital integrity, autonomy and self-determination are inalienable human rights. I am against the forced circumcision of healthy, non-consenting minors because it violates these rights. Please do not conflate my disdain for the forced circumcision of minors for a belittlement of circumcised men, or a hate for Jews. I am against the forced circumcision of healthy, non-consenting minors no matter what age, sex, ethnic group or religion. It is the violation of basic human rights no matter who does it, and where.

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