Friday, May 18, 2012

UGANDA: Circumcision Promoters Turn to Stigma and Misandry

It's something you would only expect to see on circumfetish websites like CircList.

But here it is in living color.

The level of sexism and ridicule that circumcision advocates are employing to get men in Africa to circumcise themselves is reaching new levels of absurdity.

The mixed messages and misinformation in this soundbite are horrendous.

First the sexism.

"A woman is entitled to cut penises; just the way she likes them," this poster seems to say.

An African woman has the power to refuse sex with a man unless he is circumcised; that is unless she is getting raped in Africa.

If she had a chance at getting her rapist to wear a condom, now she doesn't. Which means she's screwed in more ways than one.

What would be the world outcry if the poster was one of a man complaining of the circumcision status in a woman?

 This screen shot is from an actual video, visible here.

The creator of the next poster must seriously believe Ugandans are complete idiots:

Is Annette planning on having her husband cheat on her?

With an HIV+ partner?

Without a condom?

Is that what she's so "proud" of?

What chances of getting HIV do you have if you're faithful and use condoms?

"Stand proud," but get circumcised to please a woman that balks at your penis?

Because she can't trust you to keep your penis in your pants, let alone use a condom?


Way to tell a man to be proud of the man he is.

Way to tell him how much you trust him.

Should a woman sleep with a circumcised man regardless of his HIV status?

What if the man is intact, but knows he is HIV negative?

Should the woman still negate sex with him and demand he be circumcised?

Every day, we are told that women's bodies should be respected.

We hear that violence against women in Africa is a big problem.

So the solution is to encourage the disrespect, ridicule and genital mutilation of men?

In very tiny letters, one can barely read the disclaimer of this poster which reads:

"Even with circumcision, having sex without a condom puts you at great risk for contracting HIV/AIDS."

Even if you're married and faithful, apparently...

Which leaves one wondering, if you still have to wear a condom either way, then what's the fucking point?

What IS the point of these campaigns if not the disrespect, ridicule and abject humiliation of men with anatomically correct genitalia using a pseudo-medical front?

Would that "researchers" could produce "studies" that showed the "60% reduction of HIV transmission" in women who had their labia removed, would the WHO approve campaigns in Africa to encourage women to get labiaplasties?

Would you then see posters of men balking at anatomically correct female genitalia?

Because there are actually "studies" that show a "lowered risk," here, here, and here.

Somehow I doubt that even the most "convincing" of "studies" would ever be used to endorse posters like these stigmatizing women.

The circumcision/HIV charade is getting to be absurd.

Sooner or later the WHO is going to have to be held responsible for the endorsing genital mutilation and the disrespect and ridicule of males in Africa.


There would never be enough "research" or "studies" that could be used to justify the same poster with the sexual roles reversed.

African organizations ought to be ashamed for promoting misandry in the name of public health.

 Addition (5/19/2012):

A poster outside a clinic offering free government-funded circumcision.

You may as well forget about the rest of him; a dildo might do the job better.

Depicting African women as superficial idiotic airheads who have a fixation with genital cutting does not do African women any favors either.

Coming Soon:
The conclusion in Colorado.


  1. Thanks for exposing this disturbing propaganda campaign and asking ALL the right questions Joseph.

    When we've finally progressed past the genital cutting abuse of children and coercing adults into cutting themselves, your blog will be a reminder that some were thinking clearly and motivated to help others do the same.

  2. What disturbing people.

    It can be easily parodied though:

    1. THANK you b5fb... whatever your real name may be... Made my day...


    2. Oh my! HAHA! That makes me want to bust out my photoshop and go to town!

  3. Nothing circumfetishists do surprises me. If they had the budget to hire thugs to abduct people from the street and sexually mutilate them, they would. Perhaps, they can con money from the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation for that.

  4. The circumfetishists don't have to hire anyone; I think they knew that getting the WHO to endorse male genital mutilation would embolden ethnic groups that circumcise to harass and attack males from rival ethnic groups who don't, and forcibly circumcise them.

    You can read more about this here:

    You'll notice a different attitude when studies which suggest female circumcision might have "benefits" and that it doesn't diminish female sexuality are presented. Opponents of female circumcision object to the presentation of these studies because it "plays right into the hands of people who defend genital cutting."

    The rejection of research that suggests genital cutting might be "harmless" or even "beneficial" for women, the "embrace" of the same "research" for men.

    Knowing full well what attitudes exist in Africa regarding male circumcision, knowing the rivalry that exists between between ethnics groups, the WHO gave it's so-called "recommendation."

    A strategic move with intended effects.

    Sooner or later, this move by the WHO will be seen as one of the biggest crimes against humanity, an insult to modern science and medicine, and a disservice in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

  5. Shameful. It's probably going to get worse though.

  6. Hi. I'm in Botswana and the same crap is happening here. They're even going to secondary schools and trying to encourage all the boys to get circumcised So that their chances of contracting HIV is reduced! What?!?!?!?! Can no one in this country see whats happening?!?!?!?

  7. Labias and foreskin are both fucking gross. End of story!

    1. You're entitled to your own opinion. You are NOT entitled to forcibly carve that opinion onto someone else.