Monday, November 16, 2015

FLORIDA CIRCUMCISION SAGA: Child Forcibly Circumcised, Diagnosed With Leukemia

I am not going to recapitulate the entire Florida Circumcision Saga. Readers who are interested can read past posts which are posted below.

In short, a mother had been fighting to keep the father of her son from circumcising him, and she lost that battle when a judge ordered her to sign the consent forms under duress for the circumcision of the 4-year-old.

The most that the mother could hope for was that doctors acknowledge that it would be unethical for them to circumcise a healthy, non-consenting child against his wishes, knowing that her "assent" was obtained by force.
One doctor has threatened to file a complaint with the State Department of Health.

It has now come to light that the child has been forcibly circumcised against his wishes, and against his mother's wishes, as his father wanted.

The child was not allowed to see his mother for six months, and only recently was allowed one single, brief hospital visit with her.

And, as if this child weren't suffering enough, he has been diagnosed with leukemia and is beginning treatments.

Intactivist Speculation
Word on Facebook is that the child was circumcised with no pre-operation lab tests performed as part of his pre-surgery clearance. The child may have not been healing well or looking well after the surgery, which prompted doctors to run the tests, and that this is how they found out that the child had leukemia.

Unfortunately, this is all pure speculation; all of this is unknown, or information that has not been made public.

If these rumors are true, then it shows negligence on the part of all who facilitated this child's needless surgery, and that they were all interested in having this child undergo needless surgery above all else.

The whole lot of them.

The father, the father's doctor friends who gave him referrals to pediatric surgeons, the father's attorneys, the judge who made it possible for the boy to be snatched from his mother, and ultimately, the doctor who performed needless surgery on the child, all of them should be held responsible for negligence and malicious/selfish intent at the expense of a child's rights and his health.

Medical and Legal Battles Ahead
The mother will be facing more legal battles ahead, in addition to her child's new battle with cancer.

Readers can support this family's needs by:

1) Giving via PayPal directly to the family:

2) Giving a tax deductible donation to Chase's Family via Saving Our Sons: PayPal

3) Mailing a check directly to Heather's attorney with a memo that it is for Heather Hironimus:

Law Offices of Brian M. Moskowitz
Memo: Heather Hironimus
Boca Raton Divorce Lawyer
2295 NW Corporate Blvd, Suite 117
Boca Raton, FL 33431

4) Taking part in the Fight4CRH fundraisers.

Update (11/16/2015)
Intact America has posted the following statement on their Facebook page, and I felt it needed to be repeated here:

The collective heart of the intactivist movement is breaking for Chase Hironimus, barely five years old. First, he was ripped from his mother’s arms by a father and a court system that judged her to be an unfit parent for daring to protect her son from medically unnecessary circumcision. Then, he was handed over to a father obsessed with the desire to mutilate his genitals. In turn, Chase’s father delivered him to doctors eager to violate his rights and his body by carrying out that mutilation for a fee. Only when Chase’s circumcision wound did not heal did those doctors begin to worry about the child’s well-being, conducting tests which led to the discovery that Chase has leukemia

Our country, the United States of America, has passed laws prohibiting any genital cutting of girl children. But our courts, hospitals, and medical professionals (who have taken an oath to “do no harm”) assiduously promote the amputation of normal, sensitive body parts from innocent boys whose “consent” is a fantasy made possible because of the ease with which children are overpowered. 

We are sickened almost beyond words at the genital mutilation and serious illness of this innocent child. But we also know that both Chase and his mother Heather are in intense need of support. Please send your cards filled with love and best wishes to Chase Hironimus, c/o Brian Moskowitz, 2295 Corporate Blvd NW, Ste 117, Boca Raton, FL 33431.

Mr. Moskowitz, Heather’s attorney, will see that the cards are delivered to Heather and Chase.
Please share this post widely.
What a sad, sad day it is in this country...

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  1. Thank you for this update. The abuses of this little boy are awful. I would like to see justice served and the P.O.S. father treated with his own "medicine."

    1. It's not just the father... It was the doctor performed needless surgery on this child without medical diagnosis. It was the judge who sided with the father, shut off all avenues for the mother, ordered her arrest and jailed her until she signed the consent form. It was the sheriff who complied with those orders, hunted this mother and child out and tore them apart.

      I believe that sooner or later, you get what you deserve.

      And all of these people will be held responsible.

      That the lot succeeded in circumcising the child and then only later came to find out that he had leukemia should indicate how much they actually cared for this child's well being. It was more important for them to mutilate his genitals than to make sure he was in good health.

      What a shame on this country.

      Court-ordered child abuse.

      Poor child...

      Poor, poor child...

    2. This is the worst case of BABY RAPE that I have ever seen. The whole lot of them should be arrested and put into court. W
      hen that boy reaches the age of consent, he should have them put into court. Have they been using CAT scans on him? Leukemia is a cancer caused be overdose of radiation. I have spent the last 10 years fighting Leukemia caused be CAT scan radiation overdose The cancer is now in remission, thanks to some very costly medicine. I hope the best for the boy, he could use it.

  2. A doctor is one who heals. Whoever willfully wounded Chase is an assailant and child abuser.

    1. All who helped are guilty...

      The father, the judge, the doctors, everyone.

      It shows the sick, sexist double-standards we have in this country.

      You will be jailed for having your daughter circumcised, but the court will help you make sure your son is circumcised at whatever cost.

  3. His mother KNEW something wasn't right with her son, but was ignored because she didn't have custody & wasn't allowed to see him.
    Everybody ignored her pleas.

    Please get justice.

  4. Thank you to everyone who has commented here. Words are difficult to find when my heart is mourning so deeply. Chase's immune system obviously has been compromised by the stress inflicted on him by his father, a judge, the court system, a physician, and everyone else complicit in causing him such excruciating pain and anguish! May our collective light and energy of love shine on Chase for his peace and wellbeing. And may those who hold power recognize the need of this young lad to be with his mother so that he can heal!

  5. The standard of care before an elective surgery is to make sure the patient is healthy enough to undergo the procedure as safely as possible. For a circumcision this means getting a blood count and assessing his ability to clot properly. Both of these tests would have indicated that he had leukemia. While the quality of medicine practiced in Florida is often suspect, the failure to screen this boy before the procedure may be malpractice.

  6. This is a case where the law is very much wrong and self-protecting its agents, As there is no legal avenue for redress, the only option is justice imposed by the people, by execution. That's a horrific thing to suggest, but is there any other way? Think about it, justice needs to be seen to be done.

    1. I cannot decide what it is Chase should do when and if he lives to be old enough. What I can say is that Chase has every right to be angry for the abuse and mutilation inflicted upon his body. If taking matters into his own hands is what he does, I cannot blame him. It would probably not bode well for him if he does, though...