Saturday, July 6, 2019

Facebook Censoring Intactivism

This morning, I woke up to this post on my Facebook news feed:

Apparently, Facebook is censoring Doctors Opposing Circumcision and information about circumcision deaths. According DOC, Facebook removed many educational graphics they created without any notification.

Furthermore, they are not allowing the DOC website to be shared on their platform.

I myself have experienced censorship on Facebook.

Not too long ago, I created a page to address the fact that most American textbooks on health and human anatomy graphically depict the penis as circumcised, and if the foreskin is even mentioned at all, it is described as "that extra flap of skin covering the penis which is removed during circumcision." No actual pictures of the human penis were posted, only the hand-drawn graphics published in the textbooks, which show the penis dissected in many different ways for educational purposes, but apparently that was enough for Facebook to take down the whole page.

It would be very easy for critics to lump us in with the anti-vaxx movement, and thus use it as grounds to censor us, however vaccination has been scientifically proven to strengthen the immune system against pathogens that cause disease. They do not remove any flesh from the body, and, they are actually recommended by every respected medical organization, unlike circumcision.

Unless there is medical indication, and/or the individual consents, all surgery is abuse, medical fraud and mutilation. It prevents as much disease as blood letting and head trepanation.

If there were any justice, it would be pro-circ groups and websites who would be censored, because they spread much misinformation that takes an unfounded position against the most respected medical organizations in the west.

This wouldn't be the first time I've experienced censorship on social media for challenging male infant circumcision; not too long ago I was on Twitter, and the platform would not even let me post the following Tweet:

There is a problem when those who run social media platforms decide certain narratives shouldn't be challenged.

Intactivists aren't even publishing controversial, misleading information.

There is a problem when Facebook censors well-documented information, citations of medical journals and references to the most respected medical organizations in the world.

I can only surmise that information is taken down whenever someone, or some group reports it as being "offensive."

Which raises the question:

Are scientifically demonstrable facts going to be censored every time somebody finds them "offensive?"

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