Tuesday, August 30, 2011

CALIFORNIA: Democracy "Too Much of a Good Thing"

Gatto has got some nerve. After he guts and amends Assembly Bill 768 and uses it to pass a law that decrees circumcision to be "medically beneficial" to please the ADL, one of his benefactors, he's got the gall to allege that the current democratic process has been "hijacked by special interests."

Do tell, Mike Gatto, do tell.

Restrictive laws should be written alright; laws that make it hard for bought-and-paid-for lawmakers with special interests and agendas to cut to the front of the line of the democratic process.

So first he guts and amends an assembly bill to please the ADL and self-interested doctors, and now he wants to gut the entire democratic process?

Boy Mike, you sure know how to put the "democracy" in "democrat."

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