Friday, June 21, 2013

Another Circumcision Death Comes to Light

I've made many posts regarding circumcision death on this blog. I hate writing them. I wish the genital mutilation of children and the deaths that attend it would stop.

I won't write long; I think I've already written enough circumcision death posts this year. Somehow, I don't think it will be the last.

This case happened back in 2008-2009 and is just now coming to light, which should lead the reader to ask, if this one is only just now surfacing, how many others have been buried and just sort of forgotten?

Basically a boy was circumcised, he lost 40% of his blood which was never replenished. His doctors tried to remain cool and calm about it, saying the boy didn't need a blood transfusion, and that he didn't need to be rushed anywhere. They acted as if the boy's condition wasn't any kind of emergency that needed immediate treatment. The boy suffered cardiac arrest while he was being transfered between hospitals by his parents in their car. In the end, the boy ended up completely brain dead due to the little oxygen reaching his brain.

Asked if they would have done anything differently, his doctors say they wouldn't have changed a thing, and still would have reacted the way they did.

"The boy had a pre-existing condition," it could be said.

"He would have died anyway."

Did the doctors test for any potential danger before having done the procedure? (Without medical or clinical indication, how could they even have elicited parental consent?)

Did the doctors act appropriately following this child's complications?

Had they acted differently, would this child have still been alive?

Did the doctors intentionally try to keep this child's case low-key?

Are the doctors acting in complete denial to save their own skins?

Read the whole story and judge for yourself:

Healthy Newborn Dies Post Circumcision Hemorrhage

Death is a risk for circumcision.

We do not know how big of a risk there is, because doctors and mohels tend to attribute circumcision deaths to something else to protect their trade, and medical organizations like the AAP can't be bothered to collect data that would jeopardize their fellows.

How many deaths due to circumcision are "acceptable," especially given the fact that this is elective, medically unnecessary procedure?


  1. It’s perfectly acceptable to kill baby boys as long as the genital mutilation is done correctly. The circumciser will not face any consequences because the death will be unconnected to the circumcision; it will be due to a pre-existing condition. The circumciser will then be free to mutilate and kill at will.

  2. This was a particularly cruel case because the baby was circumcised Nov 28th 2008, and his health was so impacted that he continued to be in and out of medical services for a whole month, finally passing away on January 1st of 2009.

    The tragedy didn't end for the family. Exactly one year later, the parents were (insistently) invited to a New Year party, maybe as a way to distract them from their grief, and the dad (a young man) ended up drinking too much, which mixed with his strong feelings, led him to become violent and be choke-held by his friend, ending up in a comma for a few months, and never making a full recovery.

    This is an article about this man, from 2011:

    And this is a website that was set up for prayers and support for him:

  3. The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services is presently accepting written comments in response to the 2014 Viral Hepatitis Action Plan, presenting a opportunity to lodge submissions addressing the risk of excessive bleeding, undiagnosed haemophilia and transmission-transmitted hepatitis B following circumcision.

    The deadline for submissions is 5 July 2013.

    For further details please see:

  4. This is so sad - I hope his parents considered talking to a medical malpractice lawyer. Innocent children are lost too often by medical errors. Families need to take action to pressure the medical system to amend their ways.