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Eric Clopper Needs Your Help

Eric and Harvard University

If you support the intactivist cause of bodily integrity and basic human rights for all children, you've got to support Eric Clopper.

As I've already talked about in previous posts, Eric Clopper was fired from his job for having written and orchestrated what is probably the most devastating take-down of male infant circumcision of all time.

He takes apart the lastest pseudo-scientific circumcision alibis and holds the AAP's feet to the fire for citing them in their latest 2012 statement.

It is perhaps that his presentation is so compelling, so well-researched and indicting of American medicine that the administration at Harvard is seeing to it that this man be silenced.

Silence is not enough, as the Harvard administration has gone the extra step of shaming this man with illegally obtained intimate footage.

When you can't attack an argument, you attack the arguer, and it seems this is the path Harvard University has taken in regards to Eric Clopper.

But why let me tell you about it? I'm going to copy-paste his latest blog post here.

Thank you… And Next Steps

July 17, 2018
Thank You...

I have been overwhelmed by all the support you’ve all shown me following the release of my show, Sex & Circumcision: An American Love Story. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

I’ve tried over the last couple days to keep up with everyone. To personally thank, or at least like, love, and haha (all the FB emojis) all the support you’ve shown me. I’ve been completely overwhelmed, and for that, I thank you.

The range of people’s reactions to my show have been as wide as they can be. From “powerful, amazing, informative, heartfelt, empowering, brilliant, stellar, and epic” to “nude, anti-Semitic rant.” Whatever your position is, I just ask that you watch my show in its entirety before coming to a conclusion (the latter “rant” review was written by two “reporters” Michael Xie and Lucy Wang who did not see my show.) Whatever other people’s reactions may be, the reason I put on this show was because I thought it was the right thing to do. Because I know on every level (historical, academic, medical, and personal) and in my bones that cutting into the flesh of and excising functional genital tissue from children is a profoundly evil thing to do. If you’re doing it to honor an ancient blood sacrifice, well, that’s an even stupider reason.

I don’t want to delve into genital-cutting though, you can see my show for that. I’m writing this to convey my thanks for your support in helping move this supremely important cause forward. The right to one’s own body is the fundamental human right we must all have if we are to consider ourselves a civilized society. Unfortunately, we cannot consider ourselves worthy of the title “civilized” yet.

Next Steps

I knew my show would be controversial, which is why I stressed multiple times I was only representing myself and not Harvard University. I had hoped that Harvard would live up to its adamant free speech policy as underscored by both its outgoing president, Drew Faust, and its recently inaugurated president, Lawrence Bacow. Unfortunately, I was wrong. Immediately following my show I was suspended without explanation, and after a lengthy inquisition, Harvard terminated me immediately following the release of my show.

I knew my show was controversial (because people don’t want to hear the truth, not the factual content), but even so, I thought Harvard had the integrity to live up to their published, stated, and often underscored commitment to free speech; I was wrong.

Although I loved my job, working with my coworkers, and the opportunities working at Harvard provided, I don’t regret giving my performance; it was the right thing to do.

What happens next? Well, now, there are consequences. Consequences for both me and Harvard.

For me? Well, I find myself unemployed and broke (I spent all my money on the show). I will have to find a way to get by in the interim until I get another job, monetize my intactivism, or do something along those lines to make money. I wish it never came to this.

For Harvard? Well, Harvard usually considers itself immune to most negative repercussions; they do have 38 billion dollars and a building full of attorneys on retainer.

But, how can anyone, especially alumni, faculty, and students, let “the greatest university” so disregard the principles they ostensibly defend? Freedom of speech, expression, and thought are pillars of any great university. Yet, they fire me immediately following the release of my show on pretextual grounds after stealing my sensitive tapes and disseminating them among senior administrators and compelling my colleagues to view it? It’s so egregious, it’s hard to believe.

I intend to hold Harvard accountable for their behavior and hypocrisy even if they have more money than many countries. To do this, though, I need your help… I need your help spreading the word, and I need your help in litigation. If you are down to join my team, please consider giving what you can to help me litigate against Harvard, the Goliath, and hold them accountable for their malfeasance and lack of integrity. In doing so, we can set a new precedent that drawing a firm line in the sand – that it is UNACCEPTABLE to cut into the flesh of newborn children – is not a just cause to get investigated and terminated over.

If you’d like to support my litigation efforts against Harvard, The Crimson, and Baystate Events (the company that stole my show and personal, sexually explicit content and sent them to Harvard), please find my GoFundMe here:

Please stay tuned to my blog and social media channels for new content and updates on how this David vs. Goliath battle plays out… and thank you again, from the bottom of my heart, for your help in this battle for the fundamental human rights of our kids.


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