Monday, May 18, 2015

A Word Of Prayer for Chase

As the day begins, I'd just like to make a special post for Chase, the boy whose basic human rights are at stake today.

The courtroom battle to decide whether or not Chase's basic human rights are to be respected happens today at 1:00pm.

Terrified, he and his mother await his fate.

I pray for his safety, that his voice may be heard, that his wishes on his own body are respected, and that when the dust clears, he emerges from all of this unharmed.

I pray that his father sees the light and decides leaving his son be is in his best interests.

The following is a quote from a Philly Voice contributor:
"At the center of this legal battle stands a very frightened little boy. His parents are at war, and his body is their battleground."

This couldn't be put more succinctly...

Today, I pray for this boy's basic human rights.

You can help this child and his mother
As far as your author knows, it is still possible to help this mother financially. Now, more than ever, Chase's mother needs financial help. You can donate to Doctors Opposing Circumcision via PayPal and include the words "Chase's legal fund" in the note to earmark the donation for the mother's attorney, or visit the webpage for the fundraiser being administered by Doctors Opposing Circumcision, at

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While a Florida court is mandating a mother relinquish her son to be circumcised without medical or clinical indication, in Israel, in a similar case, common sense prevails. Let us hope common sense prevails in American courts as well.

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