Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Must-See Video on YouTube Regarding Normalization

What *is* "normal?"

And does something being "normal" make it "right?"

I ran across this video on YouTube that addresses precisely these questions, and OMG, it is so close to hitting the nail on the head on circumcision and its entrenchment in American (and really any other circumcising) culture.

The video speaks in general terms, but it is THIS CLOSE, THIS CLOSE, to mentioning circumcision, but it doesn't.

This is why I think this is an excellent, thought-provoking video that needs to be shared in any space where male infant circumcision is being discussed.

The video is by one Teal Swan, and it's about how horrific things can be normalized.

I will embed the video, as well as post a link to what is almost a near perfect transcription of it below.

Check out this excerpt from it:

 "If somebody takes a knife and cuts you open, it doesn't matter if that's something that fourteen people experience, or one person experiences, you've still got a wound and you're still bleeding. Just because something is normal does not make it right or good.  And just because something was or is the norm, does not mean the negative impact of it somehow doesn't exist."

OMFG, HOW many people need to hear this.

Readers, share this video, and use it as a tool when talking about circumcision and how "normal" it is.

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